My photogalleries are divided into countries as well as into some themes. Click the links below to see the latest series.

New series: Wetteren, X-Mas time in a home for independent living.

New series: Eindhoven, Glow.

New series: Rotterdam, A Saturday in September – City, River and Katendrecht.

New Series: Amsterdam Eye – Magic Colours. Playing with coloured light inside the museum.

New Series: Detroit, the Book Tower. Did you ever wonder to see the interior of an abandoned skyscraper

New Series: Amsterdam Queen’s Day 2013. All Dutch dressed in orange.

New Series: Malaysia, Melaka: St. Paul

New series: Slovakia, High Tatras: Lomnicke Sedlo, Lomnicky Stit Views, On Top of Lomnicky Stit and Lomnicke Sedlo Tourists

New series: Vienna, Hundertwasser House, Löwengasse, Kunsthaus Wien, Vienna by subway and Fernwärme

New Series: Twin Peaks sites, Twede’s, North Bend, Snoqualmie, Snoqualmie Falls, Railroad Depot and Preston

New Series: Australia, Uluru / Ayers Rock

New Series: San Marino



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